KUMBH SANDESH YATRA – Re-Imagining India as the Global Parliament

KUMBH SANDESH YATRA – Re-Imagining India as the Global Parliament.

The history of the Indian sub-continent doesn’t confine to the demographic and linguistic factors alone for it has carved a niche for owing an esthetical ethnicity in the world of science and medicine. The presence of countless hermits, saints, and sages, who have imparted priceless values and lessons to lead a civilized life… The scenario is prevalent even today, which in turn has made our country the ‘Capital of Spirituality’. The age-old practice of our sages, saints, and Rishis from different climatic zones of the country coming to the Kumbh Melas to join together and share their acquired knowledge and wisdom to churn out a message in the context of the changing social scenarios is called KUMBH SANDESH.

The Kumbh Sandesh profoundly ennobled as ‘Sannahaka Yatra’ is a Mission 5151, an initiative under the Gramodaya Chamber of Commerce and Technology Mission (GCOT). The Kumbh Sandesh preparatory journey started from Telangana last Friday (February 19, 2021) and will continue to travel through different cities including Chennai, Kanyakumari, where the travel will begin towards the Northside Enroute important cities and towns, finally reaching the beautiful hub of spiritual amalgamation – KUMBH MELA in Haridwar. It will be the coming together of saints, rishis, and sages from different climatic conditions of the country to pass on the exquisite knowledge about leading a complete life with certain philosophies.

The Kumbh SANDESH YATRA will be officially launched on 27th in MAHATMA GANDHI MANDAPAM, Thriveni Sangamam, KANYA KUMARI in the presence of eminent personalities like Dr. Vinay Sahasra Budhe, Chairman, ICCR (INDIAN COUNCIL OF CULTURAL RELATIONS ), Sri Pongulati Sudhakar Reddy, Co in charge, BJP, Tamil Nadu, who are expected to grace over the auspicious occasion.

KUMBH SANDESH YATRA team on behalf of GCOT & MISSION5151 proposed to establish a MEMORIAL AWARD in the name of Honorable Late Sri TN Seshan sir to the respective trustees on the subjects of Astrology and Beaurocracy…GCOT will wait till the finalization by the Trustees.

As a part of the Preparatory journey, the GCOT & MISSION 5151 team Chennai under the guidance of Delhi Vasanth had a special gesture to perform as they paid homage to Shri. TN Seshan by honoring his portrait with garland and offering prayers for his blessings. The participants were Delhi Vasanth Founder and MD (GCOT), Trustee MISSION5151, Sri ACHARYA AVINASH RAI, ASTROGER from PRAYAG RAJ, SRI Nuxon Fernando, representing Trustee members.

Delhi Vasanth is a protégé of Late Former Electoral Officer TN Seshan. He is well known as a renowned bureaucrat, but not many knew about his other dimension of being an illustrious astrologer. He is a genius, who had the coalescence of modern and ancient science blended. Henceforth, Delhi Vasanth and the entire team of GCOT & MISSION 5151 paid their tribute to him. It is worth mentioning that GCOT Founder Delhi Vasanth was taught by Shri. Seshan in Pune, MIT SCHOOL OF GOV’T first of its kind Institution envisioned by Seshan sir on the lines of HARVARD KENNEDY OF SCHOOL OF GOV’T. KSY & MISSION 5151 team highlighted the intellectual depth of TN Seshan in Metaphysics and Astrology stating that the Nation must recognize him as a genius astrologer than a Bureaucrat. Well, the act of honoring the legendary inspiration will not stop here as the KUMBH SANDESH YATRA team on behalf of GCOT & MISSION5151 proposed to establish a MEMORIAL AWARD on the name of Honorable Late Sri TN Seshan to the respective trustees on the subjects of Astrology and Bureaucracy…GCOT will wait till the finalization by Trustees…

GCOT Founder Delhi Vasanth cites that the reason behind commencing the auspicious KSY journey from Kanya Kumari is because Tamilians have been a beautiful inspiration in protecting the regional culture with heart and soul. KUMBH SANDESH YATRA will highlight the Tamil sociological, Cultural, Spiritual literature, which is beyond Oceans and Continents through Pallavas and Cholas…

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